SMArtX Billing

Simple.  Flexible.  Accurate.

The SMArtX billing application brings new innovation to the process of billing client accounts.  By simplifying and automating many features of the process, SMArtX has streamlined the workflow and improved accuracy by decreasing the opportunity for errors to occur.

Built to be robust and flexible, SMArtX’s billing application is already available to SMArtX clients. The application can also be used by firms as a standalone solution.  As with most aspects of SMArtX managed accounts technology, Application Programming Interfaces, also known as APIs, can be utilized to provide billing data into existing systems to avoid firms having to learn a new software.  

This is how billing is meant to be.

If you are an advisor, download the billing brochure below to learn more.  If you are an enterprise firm and would like to explore how SMArtX can customize your solution for your entire platform, contact us. 

Billing Brochure