The SMArtX Select List

Welcome to the SMArtX Manager Select list, a subset of investment strategies currently on the SMArtX platform identified through an extensive screening process headed by SMArtX’s Chief Investment Strategist, Pascal Roduit.  The Select Manager List is a function of SMArtX’s Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (‘OCIO’) services and was introduced to meet the needs of clients who desire a smaller strategy selection pool.

The list is curated using a proprietary methodology 1,100+ strategies on the SMArtX UMA platform down to 179 strategies, which is then further delineated into “Gold” and “Silver” classifications across a wide range of categories. The methodology employs a four-step screening process looking at the ability to generate alpha over a peer group benchmark, a positively skewed risk and return profile distribution, downside and tail-risk management, and consistency of returns.

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