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From Data Wrangler to Informed Decision Maker: Discover the All-New SMArtX Rebalancer

At SMArtX, we believe we can make managed accounts better for everyone in the industry. We’re committed to working with our clients to help them evolve and scale their practice. As part of that, we are constantly working to get feedback that will help us solve a broader range of problems more effectively than before.  

In one of these discovery sessions, an advisor shared his process of gathering and cross-referencing tax lot data from his custodians and the transactions from his rebalancer application to estimate the tax bill for a new client account. When we heard about how much time and effort went into his process, we decided we could provide a better solution to help him and his clients. 

We were already developing the SMArtX Tax Impact Calculator to support our upcoming Tax Transition Tool, but listening to this advisor, we decided to instrument the SMArtX Rebalancer with tax impact analysis as well. This new functionality allows advisors to analyze tens of thousands of accounts to identify the expected tax impact on clients or dig into individual transactions to understand where realized gains and losses are coming from. 

As a part of integrating analysis into the SMArtX Rebalancer, we started to explore the concept of data-driven workflows. Now advisors leveraging the SMArtX Rebalancer will be able to move through day-to-day rebalancing activities easier than ever by leveraging advanced analytics that power each decision in the rebalancing workflow. Simply put, the technology gathers and processes the data, so you only need to make the decision on what to do next. 

At SMArtX, we believe there is an opportunity to make every part of managed accounts better for Financial Advisors, Asset Managers, FinTech Providers, and, most importantly, the end clients. As part of that mission, SMArtX is excited to share the all-new SMArtX Rebalancer with our clients, so that together, we can enhance the end-client experience, increase scale and efficiency, reduce operational overhead, simplify complex problems through technology, and maybe, just maybe, make the industry a little bit better than it was before. 

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