The advisory industry has moved on from the anachronistic concepts of trading being delayed by days, reporting at the end of the month, investment strategies only being accessed by SMA. However, many enterprises are still mired in legacy technology created decades ago that is harder and harder to maintain, let alone update and provide ongoing security maintenance. SMArtX’s UMA technology solutions meet the needs of modern enterprises by delivering automated UMA technology directly to enterprise firms.

Replace or Integrate?  SMArtX’s managed accounts technology provides a complete solution, whether replacing an existing investment platform or integrating our intraday data into existing technology stacks.  Combining our award-winning platform with tools to increase efficiency and help firms grow at scale, SMArtX tailors enterprise solutions to meet the specific needs of your firm. Ranging from a simple adoption of our TAMP to replacing legacy software, SMArtX can provide a better solution.  Enterprises can now benefit from the efficiency of a managed accounts technology that is designed to their needs and brings them up to par with the most nimble and modern solutions. Contact us for more information.