Revolutionize Your Wealth Management Practice with SMArtY – The First Entirely Free TAMP for Financial Advisors

Discover a game-changing solution that empowers financial advisors without costing you or your clients a penny.

SMArtY is the first entirely free wealth management platform that provides a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of advisors with many of the powerful features of the SMArtX TAMP.

Finding a reliable platform that grants access to some of the world’s largest and most reputable asset managers’ models without heavy fees or a lot of manual work can be challenging. That’s why we developed SMArtY.

SMArtY offers free access to:

Select models in a unified managed account structure

SMArtY’s new AI portfolio construction tool takes on the heavy burden of analyzing strategies and building and optimizing portfolios

Intra-day trading and billing services

Our technology takes care of allocating to accounts and trading, so you can focus more on your clients.

We also have the newest and best in breed tax transition technology. Most platforms that focus on tax are limited in their model selection, lack of UMA structure, sleeve reporting, and all the tools that are necessary to administer a TAMP at scale.

At SMArtY, we have bundled all the power of SMArtX along with powerful tax tools, so you can transition your accounts with the proper tax budget over any period of time.

SMArtY will be launching September 2023. Join our waitlist to be one of the first to gain access, as well as receive updates, information about future product releases, etc.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the first entirely free platform designed specifically for financial advisors.

Take Advantage of SMArtY’s Suite of Complimentary Platform Features

SMArtY goes above and beyond by providing an extensive range of asset allocation models. Our platform offers:

  • Model marketplace traded by SMArtX
  • Billing services
  • Account rebalancing
  • Tax harvesting
  • Cash management tools
  • Substitutions/exclusions
  • White branding
  • Intra-day performance updates
  • Client reporting
  • Sleeve-level reconciliation
  • Reporting

How is this different from the SMArtX Managed Accounts Platform?

We created SMArtY to provide most of the tools that power the SMArtX platform right out of the box. However, we recognize that every advisor has different needs. For advisors seeking everything SMArtY offers PLUS full ‘Rep as a PM’ functionality, access to our diverse model marketplace of over 1,200 strategies across long only, long/short, options, and direct indexing strategies, tax transition and overlay management, our BillFiX cutting-edge billing application, or OCIO services, we can add those services to your experience.

Free Your Firm From Hefty Fees

At SMArtX, we believe in empowering professionals like you to achieve your financial goals without hefty fees. Our platform offers everything you need in one place, while freeing you from the costly overheads and time constraints associated with traditional wealth management solutions.

Join us today and start your journey towards smarter investing!