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SMArtX Advisory Solutions Platform Adds 45 New Strategies as Assets Grow 60% YTD to $17.19 Billion

5 New Firms Joined the Platform as BlackRock and Invesco Further Expand Their Offering

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., August 4, 2021 — SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leading innovator in unified managed accounts (UMA) technology and architect of the SMArtX turnkey asset management platform (‘TAMP’), today announced the launch of 45 new strategies in August, bringing the total number of broadly available strategies on the platform to 877.

SMArtX’s strategy marketplace has continued to expand in line with its significant asset growth, up by 60% year to date to $17.19 billion.

Investment strategies added by platform newcomers include Causeway Capital Management, Copeland Capital Management, Flexible Plan Investments, Focus Point Capital, and MayTech Global Investments. Heavyweight asset management firms BlackRock and Invesco Advisers, Inc. added multi-asset income models and corporate and municipal offerings respectively.

Together, these new models expand SMArtX’s range of strategy diversity across municipal fixed income, international, ESG, and faith-based strategies. Furthermore, they are delivered through SMArtX’s award-winning cloud-based solution, integrated across seven custodial platforms and traded directly by SMArtX.

“We are excited to welcome these great firms and strategies to the SMArtX platform,” said Evan Rapoport, CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions. “The success of SMArtX has drawn attention to the value of an effective platform, which is driving our growth. While other legacy platforms are encountering bottle necks, we’re adding more and more strategies with relative ease and at the turn of a key.”  

SMArtX’s continued growth is driven by two main applications of its technology: the off-the-shelf TAMP offering, which is built using SMArtX Advisory Solutions’ proprietary UMA technology, and the ability to further deploy that tailored UMA technology through APIs to meet the mandates of large enterprises, RIA platforms, and hybrid broker-dealers.

“Long ago SMArtX invested in the process of deliberate creation to become the best TAMP on the market,” said Jonathan Pincus, President & COO of SMArtX. “A disproportionate amount of time was spent engineering the client desktop side of our platform. Today we can confidently see our vision come to fruition and multiply across registered investment advisors throughout the U.S.”

 About SMArtX Advisory Solutions
SMArtX Advisory Solutions is the next generation managed accounts technology provider and manages SMArtX, a turnkey asset management platform and the only platform to seamlessly offer traditional, alternative, and passive direct index strategies in a unified managed account structure. The firm also licenses its proprietary managed accounts technology to help firms replace legacy technology and power several investment platforms for RIAs, broker-dealers, and asset managers.