What is SMArtY?
SMArtY is a manager-sponsored, no-fee strategist platform that harnesses the power of SMArtX’s award-winning managed account technology.
How is SMArtY different from SMArtX?
SMArtY is built on the same award-winning technology offered through the SMArtX platform. Advisors have the same UMA access to leading asset managers, intraday trading, automated rebalancer, tax harvesting, billing, cash management, and tax impact features on the SMArtY platform as they would on the SMArtX platform. The main difference between the two platforms is SMArtY users only have access to the strategies available on the SMArtY platform, including those from Fidelity Investments, Invesco, Russell Investments, and Franklin Templeton.

Financial advisors on the SMArtY platform wishing to access higher-tier functionality on the SMArtX platform, including the full model marketplace, “Rep as a PM” functionality, and our enterprise billing solution can add these services to their existing package by incurring associated service fees.

Why should I use SMArtY over another TAMP platform?
SMArtY provides access to models within a UMA structure and automating account management workflows. This allows you to focus more on other revenue-producing activities without incurring heavy fees typically associated with TAMPs.
What does SMArtY help financial advisors do?
SMArtY enables financial advisors to scale their businesses with a cost-effective solution to managed account technology, allowing them to allocate the burden of hands-on portfolio management and trading activities to world-class asset managers.

Providing access to powerful features like a cash management tool and tax harvesting technology, SMArtY gives financial advisors time back to focus on revenue-generating, business-differentiating, relationship-building value adds to more rapidly grow their businesses.

Who should use SMArtY?
  • Fee-conscious advisors: Utilize SMArtY’s no-fee model portfolio solutions to minimize trading, investment, and operational burdens—ideal for wrap fee advisors and those aiming to optimize cost structures.
  • Rep as PM advisors: Explore a cost-effective alternative to selling your practice with SMArtY. Retain client relationships while leveraging our expertise for superior investment solutions, eliminating the complexities of managing models independently.
  • Independent advisors: Access institutional-quality investment strategies without compromising independence or client relationships.
  • Growing firms: Efficiently scale your business with SMArtY’s scalable platform and dedicated support, enabling your team to focus on high-value activities.
What products are on the SMArtY platform?
SMArtY features model strategies from four of the most highly recognizable, world-class asset management firms today: Fidelity Investments, Invesco, Russell Investments, and Franklin Templeton.
I’m an asset manager. How can I offer my strategies on the SMArtY platform?

The SMArtY platform is set to further expand its lineup of esteemed asset managers and augment its already impressive array of features. To learn more about the pioneering SMArtY platform and to secure your spot on the waitlist, please contact us here.