Who Can Benefit from a Unified Managed Account?

Unified Managed Accounts can be beneficial for a wide range of investors, including:

High-Net-Worth Individuals: UMAs offer high-net-worth individuals the ability to consolidate and manage their diverse investment holdings efficiently. The customization and professional management provided by UMAs align with the sophisticated needs of these investors.

Individuals with Complex Financial Situations: Investors with complex financial situations, such as multiple accounts, tax considerations, and specific investment preferences, can benefit from the streamlined management and customization options offered by UMAs.

Investors Seeking Professional Expertise: Individuals who prefer to delegate investment decision-making to professionals can benefit from the expertise provided by investment managers within Unified Managed Accounts. This allows them to leverage professional knowledge and experience.

Those Seeking Diversification: Unified Managed Accounts provide access to a wide range of asset classes, allowing investors to achieve greater diversification within their portfolios. This can be particularly beneficial for those looking to spread their investment risk across different market sectors.

Investors with Long-Term Investment Goals: UMAs are well-suited for investors with long-term investment horizons who are focused on achieving their financial goals. The customized approach and professional management can help align investments with long-term objectives.

Busy Professionals: Professionals with limited time to actively manage their investments can benefit from the convenience and efficiency of Unified Managed Accounts. By delegating investment management to professionals, they can focus on their careers while their portfolios are expertly managed.