Automated Functions

SMArtX’s technology was built from the ground up with a goal of building contemporary managed accounts solutions for financial services firms.  Two key aspects drove the underlying principals of the technology development:

  1. Automating processes that were needlessly taking resources away from revenue producing activities
  2. Replacing legacy technologies that were stymying the advancement of firms across the industry


SMArtX has succeeded in automating several tasks embedded in the everyday workflow of advisory firms.  One of the most impactful is our continuous, intra-day trading that trades third-party models and client accounts all day, every trading day.  You can read more about that here but, in short, the trading functions provide advisors the ability to take advantage of market events to maximize client returns and the more precise execution of internal and third-party strategies in client accounts. It also means clients are never stuck in strategies, even in times of market volatility. 

The intra-day nature of the platform also provides for automated portfolio performance reporting.  As the technology reports portfolios performance, both overall and by individual sleeve, throughout the day, advisors and their clients always know exactly where they stand, even in times of high market volatility.

The automated rebalancer monitors and builds trades for accounts that have change their asset allocations.  This applies to internal strategies and allocations that have fallen outside of the preset drift parameters outlined for each allocation in an account. All trades can be easily reviewed and approved for SMArtX to trade with the simple click of a button.

Direct indexing plays a key role on the SMArtX platform, with over 125 direct index strategies, which can be used for tax harvesting opportunities (learn more about this here). As SMArtX maintains the book of record at the sleeve level, the tax harvester identifies opportunities by individual tax lot to maximize the ability to effectively offset gain and losses with the goal of generating better after tax returns.

Legacy Technologies

SMArtX has long recognized that a significant portion of the financial services industry still relies on technology built decades ago.  While testament to the importance of these technologies, the efficiency of the broad markets has highlighted the anachronistic qualities of these legacy technologies, and they are hampering firms’ abilities to expand their services.  From advisors to TAMPs to banks, SMArtX continually speak with firms who are mired in the bog of antiquity.  

SMArtX clients are able to maximize the modern technological solutions our firm has created, deployed using our open APIs. In addition, our infrastructure was built on a modular, micro-services architecture that enables custom solutions to be deployed at scale. In everyday terms, firms can speed up their systems by simply removing their old technology and replacing with directly with SMArtX, all the while maintaining all the aspects they want to keep from their existing technology.